memorial day {2011}: the cookout

Ah, yes...Food, friends, and lots of swimming, just like a Memorial Day celebration should be like. Wanna sneak a peek at our awesome day?

Ice cold soft drinks and plenty of water to keep cool. Oh, and ice chunks to put down each other's backs... ;)

The grill was ROARING, which was great because we needed all the heat we could get cooking for 13 people!

As soon as everyone settled in, we totally put them to work shucking corn... :)

Meat, meat, meat!

Lots of swimming took place while we were waiting for the food to cook...

Little Elizabeth was too cute!! She wanted me to hold her while swimming. ;)


Nate and his awesome googles!

Failed attempts at chicken fights...

Miss Amy, the teaching directors daughter {she wouldn't let me take a picture or her exactly, so I took one of her hair to show she was there, ha!}:

FINALLY, the food was ready & we chowed.down. Eating with 4 growing boys is definitely an experience...


After we all consumed our weight in turkey burgers, watermelon, and grilled corn, it was back to the pool for us!! Crocs were also all over the place...

Diamond rings were everywhere, too... :)

Dad snapped a quick photo to document I actually swam that afternoon & didn't take fifty million pictures...

Talking the afternoon away.

While the food and the fellowship that afternoon was great, the highlight of the day had to be the intertubes the Furlough's brought. We had so many laughs playing with these things!!

Josh's new hat:

Pumping weights with the AquaJogger dumbbells were a hit, too... ;)

Hahaha, I can't look at this picture and NOT laugh!! Josh put all four tires on and walked around the poll with them, waddling like a duck!

He almost fell over here!!

Thanks for coming out, Furloughs' & Bannings & Miss Amy!!

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