Go to Sonic, of course!! Oh Sonic, how I love thee...

Each and every time we're pining away for a Dr. Pepper, we head to Sonic and hit up happy hour like nobody's business. Because nothing says a summer afternoon like Happy Hour, a chicken strip sandwich, and a dollar tater tot.

Big red button, I still love you.

Oh, hello me! ;)

Can you guess where I took this shot? And pretty much broke my neck to get?

Taking pictures of handsome little bros is optional, but highly recommended...

Kicking off your kicks is optional too, but pretty darn comfy. 

Oh yes, medium Dr. Pepper and a Cranberry Sprite for the handsome boy sitting next to me, pleaseandthankyou.

And now, I leave you with the death of me: 100 degrees on the last day of May {yesterday}.

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