{Prayer Request} ACT Testing

By the time this post publishes this morning, I'll be checking into the D Wing Testing Center at our local university to take my first ever ACT.

It's a change, nothing like the standard EOG's we've taken at the end of our school years. When you're the only one in your class, it's not that hard to focus and you've got all the time you need. Plus, you've got plenty of time to complete it {we've always done in over a week, not a whole day}. One of the joys of homeschooling!

And it's not like I'm not prepared either, because I've been through all my flashcards and know the answers to the majority of the questions. Not meaning to sound boastful, but I think that if a HS sophomore know a lot of the material on a test that's meant to span the all things you'll learn in high school, I think that's pretty good. :)

The reason I'm asking for prayer is that I've been dragging my feet about it, feeling down about it, and generally NOT looking forward to it! I mean, anything that requires me to get up 7AM on a Sat. isn't really a fun thing for me, you know what I'm saying? ;)

Please join me in praying for a good attitude about this test AND that's I'll do well on the test! I'll be taking the test from 8AM to 12:15PM {which is dismissal}.

Thanks, readers. This means the world to me that I can share my prayer concerns on my blog and know that my blogging friends have got my spiritual back, if you will.

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