summer plans 2011

With it being the first official day of summer & all, I thought I'd share my summer plans with you readers!

I've never been big on having a jam packed summer full of anything & everything, Mostly because we're the lazy homeschoolers that take off too much time during the school year and fall behind in math & other subjects, thus subjecting ourselves to the torture called summer school {dum dum dum}. But I digress.

In full disclosure, some of these events have already happened, but I thought if I included them it would help paint a better picture of what's what, you know what I'm saying?

{ACT Testing} As ya'll already know, I took the ACT test the 1st Saturday in June. Once that was over, I breathed a sigh of relief & did a little dance because, in my mind, it was the kickoff to summer since I was officially finished with the 2010-2011 school year, save for a couple math lessons still looming over my head.

{Watching Sam & Caleb} For the past 3 summers, we've watched our pastor's kids most days of the week. I love Sam & Caleb to death, and when we walked into their house that 1st day this summer, we totally fell back into our regular patterns: eating Poptarts for breakfast, watching way too much iCarly, playing hide & seek, etc. Did I say I loved these kids? Because I do!!

{My sweet 16 party/birthday} This summer is extra special because I turned 16 on Sunday. AND it was an extra special birthday because I got to share it with my Dad since it fell on Father's Day {it's happened once before when I was ten, I believe}.

{Driver's Ed} As you know again, I'm taking Driver's Ed this week & the next, ending on the 30th. Prayers are appriecated because dude, this class is boring. Click HERE to see all my first thoughts about it...

{VBS} Along with Driver's Ed, I'm volunteering in the nursery for the week. I get to hang with quite possibly the cutest kiddo that ever lived {he's the youth pastor's kid}. I love walking around & seeing everyone love on Hudson AND watching the other kids have a blast praising the Lord.

{WOL Camp} This is by far the BIGGEST thing that is happening this summer. In just 2 weeks, I'm hopping on a bus & going to the Word of Life Bible Institute Campus for a week of what I know is an amazing week of spiritual revival! This is where the Lord has blessed me, and I am so thankful to everyone that made it possible for me to go!

And, while I've got you thinking about camp...since I'll be gone for more than eight days, I'm looking for several guest posters to post about THEIR camp experiences/what they ideal camp would be like. If you're interested, shoot me an email at simplysarahanne@gmail.com!

{American Idol Summer Tour Concert} Oh yes, I'm a Scotty groupie! Just because the show is over doesn't mean I'm going to forget about our NC boy. Way back when, Emily casually mentioned that she wanted to get tickets to see AI on tour and I totally jumped on board. A couple weeks later & we had a family friend purchase our tickets at the RBC Center and we squealing on the phone in Sam's Club. Fast forward about three weeks and the tickets had landed in my hands. ::Squeal::

Again, in the full spirit of disclosure: The Lord has been so good to me this year, and provided all these opportunities you've read about. There is no way on His green earth that half this stuff would've happened without trusting in Him, and I've learned a valuable lesson in learning to rest in Him while waiting for answers.

There, I'll stop preaching now... ;)

Happy 1st day of summer, readers!! Here's to sleeping in late, staying up late, and being lazy & bumming around the house all those hours you're not asleep.

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