tunes {volume 5}

via Tumblr music tag...having serious long hair envy readers.

{1. Just Give Me A Reason - Pink ft. Nate Ruess}
{2. Mirrors - Justin Timberlake}
{3. Gone - Philip Philips}
{4. Heart Attack - Demi Lovato}
{5. Come & Get It - Selena Gomez}
{6. Hung Up - Hot Chelle Rae}
{7. Carry On - F.U.N.}
{8. Cruise - Florida Georgia Line}
{9. 22 - Taylor Swift}
{10. Madness - Muse}
 Just more guilty pleasure music that I jam out to on the way home from work with the windows down. Enjoy readers. 


dinner with Conner & Kaley {4.11.13}

Anytime the gang hangs out it's always a good time. 
I love my old (but new photog) Kaley-girl.

Introduced Clark to the killer (literally) Triple B KK burger.

"It's a smiley face!"

Reminded me of the halls at GWL.

We're so messy. Oops.

Here's to many more summer nights spent laughing outside with my friends.


national sibling day {4.10.13}

at the TI dinner...our matching yearbook tshirts had to be documented.
{photo cred: the father dear}
This kid, ya'll. He's a kid anymore, and this simulateously makes me sob and swell up with pride cause readers. Clark Lyons is my brother. I'm related to him, I can claim him as my own until that special girl comes along. But right now? HE'S MINE, ladies, and he's only getting more handsome as the days go by.

He's an amazing young man of God with such a sweet heart. He might not show it all the time, but it's there, always waiting and willing to serve Him. He's the only one who can always make me snort, the only one who has the privilege (?) of hearing me sing, and the only one who really completely KNOWS me. Sure, that is probably not a good thing most of the time because it means we're also our ugliest when we're around each other. Insults fly and we're just plain mean to each other a lot more than we both care to admit. We never mean it and we're always over whatever fight we had by the end of the day.

I love you Thomas Clark, my little Mexican brother.


Your 'little' sister SA


birthday dinners {4.6.13}

Our family rarely goes out to eat as a family anymore, but birthday dinners out on the town of Gvegas are a tradition that we aren't going to stop anytime soon. Last weekend was full of some awesome birthday noms. I love this family time birthday dinners provide. 

Me & Daddio.
Mom & Clark.
Clark's big honkin' burger...the kid loves his beef.

Cutie even when he's stuffing his face.
Mom ordered chicken fingers. And I had one. ::shame::
I ate it all. 

Kinda in love with the aRtSy-ness of this.
CFA for dessert cause COOKIE SUNDAES.

Zoe's Kitchen after church...new favorite restaurant.
I love food and I love my family and I especially love it when those two things are combined. So, birthday dinners out are my favorite-favorite. What are your family birthday traditions?


ti dinner for St. Maarten {4.5.13}

After the yummy yearbook meeting, we trekked over to LBC for a dinner to support the missions trips many of our WOL-er's are going on this summer. Since I'm not going, stuffing my face with Miss Tammy's DELICOUS chicken & pastry and take pictures of my talented friends. The whole family tagged along and it was just an awe-some, God-honoring night (get it?). 
Hey Hannah, your dad is my new hero! ;)
Conner being serious about something. SHOCK.

Have I mentioned I love this girl lately? CAUSE I DO.
We ended the night by cleaning up and singing at the top of our lungs in the parking lot. Good times with my insanely talented friends.  

sweet frog's & yearbook meeting {4.5.13}

Most people laugh in my face when I say I'm going to yearbook meeting cause I mean really. I get it. Homeschoolers have a yearbook?! I was totally doubtful about it when I first joined (just being real here), but I was oh so wrong. We are some pretty awesome graphic designers. We also know how to have a good time and last Friday was no exception. Fro -yo and the final yearbook meeting all on my Friday off. 
Gvegas has five million frozen yogurt places and we went to the best one.
It's the best cause just LOOK.

Some people got fruit in there fro-yo. HAHAHA NOT ME. I loaded that cup up
with cheesecake bites and M&MS.

Told ya.

Excited about fro-yo.
{photo cred: Clark}
Reppin' that staff shirt!

Basically us, all the time. Crazy homeschoolers.
Back to the Comb's house for those last few yearbook pages. I flippin' love laughing with everyone around the dining room table, listening to music, and getting in touch with my creative side and designing pages.

This girl is always willing to share her earbuds with me. Love her.

What I do instead of working on pages ::shhh::
 I might be a little biased but I'll still gonna say it: Homeschoolers are awesome.


five guys with Kaley & Conner {3.4.13}

Some days, the whole gang isn't able to be in the same place at the same time. And that's OK. It just makes the times we all hang out together that much more special. This week weren't able to all go out to eat (our usual thing to do) but Conner, Kaley, and I when to Five Guys and spent the better part of the afternoon there.
I didn't have my DSLR, but per usual, we were all on IG and I documented the rainy day adventures there. 
BEEF. this CFA girl's heart was torn until I took that first bite.
yes, she DOES have a cup on her head.
look at that awkward girl in the left corner and those attractive people on the right.

These kids. They are my best friends and I love them both SO much. Being the third wheel isn't so bad when it's being the third wheel with Kaley & Conner.
Please tell me you've got amazing friends like I do, readers!


saturday night with the gang {3.30.13}

Since it was Easter weekend and there was no WOL, the gang & I decided that we couldn't go a week without hanging out so we planned dinner at the Bonefish Grill & then chilling at the Coffee Shack. Just like always, we had an AWESOME time. Perfect way to unwind after a long week.

Sweet tea...second only to CFA's.
The Coble boys tried to pressure me into trying the mussels.
I stood my ground. ::gives self a high five:: The sauce was good, though.

Conner photobombs with just one appendage.
Stealing each other's phone is just what we do.

Gorgeous Kaley-girl...got that picture Conner was trying to photobomb.
Food time!
At the Coffee Shack for caffiene and chilling outside. Like, literal chilling because 1) we got cold coffee drinks and 2) the sun went down and we were having too much fun outside to go back in.
Best part about our gang? We can be on our phones and not get mad.
How am I related to this cool kid?!
Hey there cutest couple.
Kaley is turning into me...her camera is never leaving her side.
Conner's attempts to steal her camera failed.

Tanner photobombs too. It's a Coble thing.

A group shot of our feet would have to do!
I love my gang so much, readers! Happy Saturday...hope you've had a chance to hang with your bestest friends.