confetti egg hunt {3.28.13}

Unlike last year's egg hunt, we had a low-key kinda thing after the boy's co-op, just the boys and their siblings in the Gillette's backyard. Not that many eggs...we did our half in an hour. It was awesome, and I've concluded you're NEVER too old to smash confetti eggs on people's heads. Also? I shouldn't run. There may or may not be a photo set by Miss Lori on that time when I tried to scoop up an egg while running, fell flat on my back and swallowed confetti. An athlete I am not.

But we were talking about eggs, right? Right. Enjoy the photos I snapped in between having a blast and just being a kid again.

Getting creative with the hiding places.

Just like last year, we resorted to tossing them in the yard.

All ready to take pictures with the telephoto!
And let the egg smashing begin!

Oh look there's me post fall. Never gonna live that one down.

The aftermath. So pretty in a messy kinda way.
We had to get a group pictures of all the best friends. Seriously, these guys are such good friends and it's so awesome to watch them interact.

Look at all those cute kids!
Thanks to the Poppe's for continuing the tradition for so many years!

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