happy 17th, emily! {3.1.13}

one of my favorite of this beautiful girl...she's my IG idol {via her IG, duh}

This isn't some ol' April Fools joke, readers. It's my best blogging friend's birthday. Anybody who's reading this is probably thinking "How can they be besties, they haven't ever met!" I was one of those people when I first started blogging. But now? HAHAHA. It's possible, and probable, and very true for me & her!

She's the blonde me, except so much better at everything. Everyone knows we both work at CFA, we both love photography, we've both been through pretty similar life experiences, blah blah blah. We're so alike it's kinda crazy and it would take forever to list all the things we have in common.
We've already planned out our meeting, and we're constantly adding things we HAVE to do with each other, but until that meeting happens, I'm cool with texting & writing ya sappy blog birthday cards.

I love you , Emily Joy!

Forgive me for the extreme belatedness of this little note? That's ONE difference between us: I'm late, and she's always on time...can I be you, Em?!

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