camp news {4.5.13}

the camp shirt is back in my wardrobe rotation. so many memories.

It's not new news that my dad drove one of the vans down to WOL Florida Camp last year. What IS new news is that as of tonight, he's going to do it again! Dad is officially driving the party van again and we are now accepting requests for seats ;) Andplusalso, the brother is coming with us! I'm so excited to have my boys come to one of my favorite places.

I'm so excited, readers. Yes, my dad is coming to camp with me, but most people don't realize that that brings me a level of comfort and makes leaving my life in NC for 10 days a little easier. I'm not a homebody, but I do love my home. Camp is awesome, and having both my dad AND my little bro there with me is going to make it that much more awesome. I'll be that crazy girl that run across campus for a hug from the leader and the handsome little Indian.

T-minus 3 months until we hit the road, FL bound!

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