birthday dinners {4.6.13}

Our family rarely goes out to eat as a family anymore, but birthday dinners out on the town of Gvegas are a tradition that we aren't going to stop anytime soon. Last weekend was full of some awesome birthday noms. I love this family time birthday dinners provide. 

Me & Daddio.
Mom & Clark.
Clark's big honkin' burger...the kid loves his beef.

Cutie even when he's stuffing his face.
Mom ordered chicken fingers. And I had one. ::shame::
I ate it all. 

Kinda in love with the aRtSy-ness of this.
CFA for dessert cause COOKIE SUNDAES.

Zoe's Kitchen after church...new favorite restaurant.
I love food and I love my family and I especially love it when those two things are combined. So, birthday dinners out are my favorite-favorite. What are your family birthday traditions?

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