hello april

cause it matches my blog font and I gasped when I saw it {via the Tumblr tag april}

April is a weird month to me. The weather is such a tease and fools you into thinking that it's summer, cause in ENC we tend to skip whole seasons...oh, you say it's Spring? Hahaha, NO. 80 degree days for you! But that's okay cause I'm a summer girl through and through and am loving the warm weather.

That's not why April is crazy to me...it's cause the weather might be nice and perfect but school is still in session and oh boy oh boy. It's all comsuming because you're finally getting into the routine and then OMG finals and soon and commence the studying and finishing up of projects.

The parentals birthdays are in April, so we're got that to look forward to. So here's to April, readers!

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