saturday night with the gang {3.30.13}

Since it was Easter weekend and there was no WOL, the gang & I decided that we couldn't go a week without hanging out so we planned dinner at the Bonefish Grill & then chilling at the Coffee Shack. Just like always, we had an AWESOME time. Perfect way to unwind after a long week.

Sweet tea...second only to CFA's.
The Coble boys tried to pressure me into trying the mussels.
I stood my ground. ::gives self a high five:: The sauce was good, though.

Conner photobombs with just one appendage.
Stealing each other's phone is just what we do.

Gorgeous Kaley-girl...got that picture Conner was trying to photobomb.
Food time!
At the Coffee Shack for caffiene and chilling outside. Like, literal chilling because 1) we got cold coffee drinks and 2) the sun went down and we were having too much fun outside to go back in.
Best part about our gang? We can be on our phones and not get mad.
How am I related to this cool kid?!
Hey there cutest couple.
Kaley is turning into me...her camera is never leaving her side.
Conner's attempts to steal her camera failed.

Tanner photobombs too. It's a Coble thing.

A group shot of our feet would have to do!
I love my gang so much, readers! Happy Saturday...hope you've had a chance to hang with your bestest friends.

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