sweet frog's & yearbook meeting {4.5.13}

Most people laugh in my face when I say I'm going to yearbook meeting cause I mean really. I get it. Homeschoolers have a yearbook?! I was totally doubtful about it when I first joined (just being real here), but I was oh so wrong. We are some pretty awesome graphic designers. We also know how to have a good time and last Friday was no exception. Fro -yo and the final yearbook meeting all on my Friday off. 
Gvegas has five million frozen yogurt places and we went to the best one.
It's the best cause just LOOK.

Some people got fruit in there fro-yo. HAHAHA NOT ME. I loaded that cup up
with cheesecake bites and M&MS.

Told ya.

Excited about fro-yo.
{photo cred: Clark}
Reppin' that staff shirt!

Basically us, all the time. Crazy homeschoolers.
Back to the Comb's house for those last few yearbook pages. I flippin' love laughing with everyone around the dining room table, listening to music, and getting in touch with my creative side and designing pages.

This girl is always willing to share her earbuds with me. Love her.

What I do instead of working on pages ::shhh::
 I might be a little biased but I'll still gonna say it: Homeschoolers are awesome.

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