national sibling day {4.10.13}

at the TI dinner...our matching yearbook tshirts had to be documented.
{photo cred: the father dear}
This kid, ya'll. He's a kid anymore, and this simulateously makes me sob and swell up with pride cause readers. Clark Lyons is my brother. I'm related to him, I can claim him as my own until that special girl comes along. But right now? HE'S MINE, ladies, and he's only getting more handsome as the days go by.

He's an amazing young man of God with such a sweet heart. He might not show it all the time, but it's there, always waiting and willing to serve Him. He's the only one who can always make me snort, the only one who has the privilege (?) of hearing me sing, and the only one who really completely KNOWS me. Sure, that is probably not a good thing most of the time because it means we're also our ugliest when we're around each other. Insults fly and we're just plain mean to each other a lot more than we both care to admit. We never mean it and we're always over whatever fight we had by the end of the day.

I love you Thomas Clark, my little Mexican brother.


Your 'little' sister SA

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  1. Very sweet sentiments Sarah-Anne. I feel so incredibly blessed that you and your brother are so close, and I am certain you have solidified the basis for a lifelong friendship. Nothing like the person you can count on the most being your sibling!