confessions {outfit post}

Confession: if I'm wearing pants, I'm wearing jeans. No ifs, ands, or buts. So today when I wore something OTHER than jeans, I knew I had to do an outfit post.
Confession: The pants and the top are my mom's. Another rarity! Therefore, it solidified my reasoning for an outfit post today. Usually it's the other way around...she wears MY clothes!
Confession: Clark is usually begged to take my outfit pictures and it takes a grand total of 3 minutes. Thus, the pictures are kinda bad. Nothing against him, but he just can't hold the camera still enough because he's always itching to go back inside. Forgive him? And me for posting these less-than-stellar pictures?
Confession: I can't pose to save my life. Ignore what looks to be my broken ankle in the second photo. Like I said, I can't pose.

Happy Friday readers! I hope you find the courage to branch out in your outfits and wear something other than jeans on the lower half of your body. OK, that was just a pep talk for moi.

first world problems

My cell phone screen broke.

Honestly, I laughed about it because it was a freak accident. I had something blunt but hard (the buckle to my coat) in my pocket and it pressed up against my phone for an extended period of time so it shorted out the screen. Like I said, probably the most random accident. I showed Dad and he was confused, as was I.

Then I remember that my contract isn't up for renewal therefore if they can't replace it there in the store, I had to go back to my old phone, which I replaced because, by another freak accident involving perfume (it spilled all over my phone), the lighting is wonky. The keys are tiny and my camera is really bad and none of my pictures were transfered over.

Oh and our laptop is freaking out and will only connect to Internet Explorer. We already had to give up our beloved Google Chrome because it quit working one day and then Mozilla stopped. I am about to punch something. That's how bad IE is.

First world problems, ya'll.


almost wordless wednesday {afternoon with friends}


Emily, Andrew, and Rebecca came over for hang for the later part of the afternoon. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a while. Fun fact: when I really laugh, I don't make a sound. I just hold my stomach and occasionally snort then laugh even harder since I snorted. I did that the majority of the time my friends were over. 

Pea ess, are my friends not the most gorgeous people you've ever seen?!

And, before you think we're all normal, take a look at the evidence below...

Becca stole my camera and took those priceless pictures...
Me: "High five Justin Bieber Bear!" (I'm NOT a Bieber fan. It's a joke gift from Hannah.)

Emily: "This girl we call SA is CRAZY. And I don't know what to do with her." Me: ::thinks:: Pretend to look confused but end up looking constipated. Yeah, that's a good look to go for..."

Me: "Let's do this."
See?! Lots of laughter...

Telling ghost stories...in the middle of the day with a flashlight.

Emily demonstrating how RDAWG holds the camera...

Becca grabbed my camera again. You never know when she's gonna strike.

Me: "Look constipated again but give the thumbs up sign for everyone to know you're OK. Emily: "HELP ME."

Me: "Be a model, be a model..." Emily: "Yeah, it's NOT working for ya girl."

Not pictured: bocce ball in gale force winds and eating pizza while watching Little House. Good times! Thanks for coming over Emily, Andrew, and Becca!


Teens Involved 3.24

Saturday morning I woke up bright & early to support my friends have a trial run of their TI (Teens Involved) events. Basically, TI is a talent show, but the focus is on what talent GOD has given you. Singing, Preaching, Teaching Children, and Dramas are only some of the events you can enter in. I stayed in the sanctuary for all the music events.  

Bekah <3 This girl can SING.

Meg & Bekah sang a beautiful duet!

Proud parents looking on.

Jonathan about to play his piano solo.
Conner did amazing with his vocal solo!
The Cedar Branch group dicussing after they sang.

 Other random shots from the morning...
Kelly reading the Hunger Games. Love her.

Sam & Rebecca

MK looking pretty.

And her heels thrown off after her events.
This would be me and Jack one minute...

...and then the next...

We make each other laugh and apparently make very attractive (sarcasm. Jack's face is fine. Mine? Ugh.) faces whilst doing so.

Oh Conner...

Gorgeous Hannah who refused to let me take her picture.

Youngest Boland...Grace. Love her.

With Chick-Fil-A in our stomachs and plenty of Hunger Games things discussed, we moved into the gym to watch the dramas for the rest of the afternoon.

Sam thinking...something. Wanna guess? Because I have NO idea.

Rachel looking sad because she had to look pretty. Hahaha.

Dylan and Bethany

Most of these pictures weren't taken by me...I love having friends that pick up my camera. I get some priceless ones, like David playing with Abbey's props for Teaching Children or Jack's noot.

Gosh I love my talented friends.


the hunger games

Pictured: Abbey, Meg, Kelly, Luke, Rebecca, Clark, Luke (Rebecca's bro). Not pictured: Conner, Bekah, David, Emily, Andrew, Katie, Miss Lori & Mr. Ken, Jonathan, his friend and mom, my dad, and Mr. Shimer. This was all the people that went with us to the movie.

These are my thoughts on that movie that just came out...you might've heard of it. It's kinda sorta popular I think. It's called The Hunger Games. <--- Total sarcasm right there. If you've even looked at my blog within the past couple days we know I'm a huge fan and went to see the movie.

And fair warning, this post is completely spoilery in nature. I can't talk about THG without giving things away. So if you've haven't read the BOOKS, don't even dare look at anything movie related. That includes this post. Get thee to a bookstore, buy the book, and thank me after you've read it. For those that have read the book AND seen the movie, proceed! I can't wait to fangirl with you.

Basically, I have nothing to say bad about the movie. It was perfect. It was different from the book, yes...but I didn't go into the movie expecting it to be because what movie that's based off a book is exactly like it?! Not one.  Sure, things were left out (Madge giving Katniss the Mockingjay pin and Peeta's leg) but they were only in the first book and were barely touched in the other two. And yes, the timing was off a little (like Katniss finding water within two hours instead of two days like the book said...and the fight with Cato on top the Cornucopia). Minor details. I'd rather them leave those things out then THE CAVE SCENE.

I went into the theater knowing what would happen at each stage of the events taking place but left feeling like I did when I finished the book. There's something about reading the words of a book and not really knowing if anything that is concrete because you were simply left to imagine it what the characters looked like and did (to a certain degree).

But to see it acted out? It's a whole new ball game. I cried when Rue died because OHMYWORD she is precious. Seeing Josh Hutcherson play Peeta better than my imagination could ever dream up?! It made me fall in love both him AND Peeta all over again. Jennifer Lawrence made me realize just how kick butt Katniss is and how emotionally stunted she is to not realize that what she's feeling towards Peeta is love. I hated Secena Crane with a passion (but loved the beard), and don't get me started on Snow or Cato (or any of the tributes). Caesar Flickerman was portrayed excellently...I always viewed him as genuine. The movie did nothing but solidify the fact that he cared about the tributes. Cinna was just as calm and collected as I thought he was. I hated Haymitch before for being so rude and seemingly not caring about what happen to his mentees, but the movie showed me that he & Effie were what happens when you are affected by the Capitol. And I loved them. Mad props to Woody from Cheers and Elizabeth Banks.

The cinematography was amazing. Woot woot for it being filmed in NC! The outfits were done so well. And the fact that the movie was all scores, no music with words? Perfect. There's more I could say, but let's leave this post where it is. I fear it's so fangirly that if I utter the name Peeta one more time my blog with explode. Basically I LOVED THE MOVIE. And want to see it again and again and again. Who wants to come with me?

The countdown to Catching Fire has begun...