the hunger games

Pictured: Abbey, Meg, Kelly, Luke, Rebecca, Clark, Luke (Rebecca's bro). Not pictured: Conner, Bekah, David, Emily, Andrew, Katie, Miss Lori & Mr. Ken, Jonathan, his friend and mom, my dad, and Mr. Shimer. This was all the people that went with us to the movie.

These are my thoughts on that movie that just came out...you might've heard of it. It's kinda sorta popular I think. It's called The Hunger Games. <--- Total sarcasm right there. If you've even looked at my blog within the past couple days we know I'm a huge fan and went to see the movie.

And fair warning, this post is completely spoilery in nature. I can't talk about THG without giving things away. So if you've haven't read the BOOKS, don't even dare look at anything movie related. That includes this post. Get thee to a bookstore, buy the book, and thank me after you've read it. For those that have read the book AND seen the movie, proceed! I can't wait to fangirl with you.

Basically, I have nothing to say bad about the movie. It was perfect. It was different from the book, yes...but I didn't go into the movie expecting it to be because what movie that's based off a book is exactly like it?! Not one.  Sure, things were left out (Madge giving Katniss the Mockingjay pin and Peeta's leg) but they were only in the first book and were barely touched in the other two. And yes, the timing was off a little (like Katniss finding water within two hours instead of two days like the book said...and the fight with Cato on top the Cornucopia). Minor details. I'd rather them leave those things out then THE CAVE SCENE.

I went into the theater knowing what would happen at each stage of the events taking place but left feeling like I did when I finished the book. There's something about reading the words of a book and not really knowing if anything that is concrete because you were simply left to imagine it what the characters looked like and did (to a certain degree).

But to see it acted out? It's a whole new ball game. I cried when Rue died because OHMYWORD she is precious. Seeing Josh Hutcherson play Peeta better than my imagination could ever dream up?! It made me fall in love both him AND Peeta all over again. Jennifer Lawrence made me realize just how kick butt Katniss is and how emotionally stunted she is to not realize that what she's feeling towards Peeta is love. I hated Secena Crane with a passion (but loved the beard), and don't get me started on Snow or Cato (or any of the tributes). Caesar Flickerman was portrayed excellently...I always viewed him as genuine. The movie did nothing but solidify the fact that he cared about the tributes. Cinna was just as calm and collected as I thought he was. I hated Haymitch before for being so rude and seemingly not caring about what happen to his mentees, but the movie showed me that he & Effie were what happens when you are affected by the Capitol. And I loved them. Mad props to Woody from Cheers and Elizabeth Banks.

The cinematography was amazing. Woot woot for it being filmed in NC! The outfits were done so well. And the fact that the movie was all scores, no music with words? Perfect. There's more I could say, but let's leave this post where it is. I fear it's so fangirly that if I utter the name Peeta one more time my blog with explode. Basically I LOVED THE MOVIE. And want to see it again and again and again. Who wants to come with me?

The countdown to Catching Fire has begun...


  1. I really enjoyed the movie, and I had never read the books, It was a great time and we'll definitely have to do something like that again :)

  2. I really liked the movie - I thought Katniss was awesome, but I think that if you didn't read the books you might feel left out and have trouble understand some of the underlying themes/why the hunger games happened. My boyfriend said he had a harder time watching the deaths in the movie then reading about them, but I thought it was actually easier because I knew what was coming. For some reason I always pictured Haymitch fatter and older though :)

    1. It's true..my dad said that if they didn't have the short little film at the Reaping, he would've been lost as to WHY everything happened. He did say he could follow it well and enjoyed it...I was glad since he'd never read the books either!
      I didn't think twice about the deaths, honestly. I knew what they were and accepted them as part of the story. That didn't mean I didn't feel bad when people died, especially Rue, Thresh, and yes, even Cato. Dude's monologue had me breathless.
      Confession: I saw the trailer before I read the book so I already had the characters faces in my mind. I loved it! Haymitch was simply amazing.

  3. I agree on EVERYTHING in this post! Ahh! It was perfection :) The only thing i said when i came out was "Peeta didn't lose his leg!" lol :) I agree Josh did such a great job as Peeta, totaly fell in love with him :)

    1. ahhh yay i'm so glad we have the same opinions!