jack's (not so) suprise party

The same day I received my purity ring, we had a surprise party for Jack. I know, March 17th will be remembered as a great day for me.

It was hard keeping it a secret from him...I email him all day, every day (to quote Rebecca) and he even told he was SO excited to go to Barnes and Nobles and read the day away. Unbeknownst to him, he was dropped off there until we were all set up at the church. He had no idea until he got there and saw a couple cars he recognized. Mr. Brock called it...Jack's smarter than most people give him credit for.

We all piled into the hallway and Kaley/Connor kept a lookout in one of the classrooms...when they said he had arrived, we basically freaked and started to whisper. Pretty sure someone gave it away with a full-flegled squeal as he opened the door. JB came around the corner and said "Ya'll aren't quiet enough." with a true Jack smile on his face. We screamed surprise anyway because we really wanted too.  

There was lots of food, ice cream, and just generally being teenagers & hanging out with friends. Lots of volleyball and cornhole (I actually learned how to play) as well. Great way to spend a Saturday night.

The banner Hannah made...Grace was brave enough to put it up for us. I think she spent like 30 minutes taping that thing up there.

Ice Cream bar for the guy that doesn't really like cake.

I wasn't the only one without a camera...Abbey had her Nikon, Emily and I had our Canon's, and Grace had her family's. Loved hearing the shutter click & knowing it wasn't MY camera.



Grace and Erica
Erika, MK, and Emily


I love this girl. Like, for reals...I love her a lot. And that blur is her blue pants-ed brother Luke aka the praise band leader.



Veronica, Kaley, and Hannah
MK and I (photo by Jack)

After food, there were games. Volleyball and cornhole were definetly a big hit...there was a game going basically the whole time. I watched because balls hate me. And I'd just rather play cornhole (badly).

Volleyball...I watched because balls hate me.

The party might've been for Jack, but Lydia was defineitely the star of the show. She is too cute what with the blond hair, blue eyes, and repeating everything you say. We played on the stairs for ten minutes straight...her laugh is too much.

NO WORDS. I mean, except for what her shirt says...adorable.
Trying her big brother Sam's shoes on for size.

Hannah & Grace had brought things for a photobooth (which we basically never got around to) but we had fun with the nerd glasses as evidenced below...

But Hannah, Grace and I did manage to look ridicolous for a couple pictures.

"I wear a Stetson now. Stestons are cool." <--- Guess that quote. (photo of Hannah & I by Grace)

photo of Grace and I by Hannah

Gotta love her!
Presents time. He got lots of B&N gift cards...shocker, I know! SARCASM. There was also a brick involved. Good ol' Kaley...

Before he got there we signed his big card Hannah made. Great idea, Hannah!

I promise they're really NOT that creepy (Dylan, Sam, and Conner) in real life.

Little sister Lydia & Kaley looking on.

The aftermath.
Like brother like...brother. Ha.

After about half the people left, we hung out in the kitchen because that's how we roll. Someone had my camera and took pictures. Random, but I love them.

I didn't know he was making a funny face. I don't think he knew I was either. Result? The only picture of us together.


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