CFA Anonymous

No way. I didn't go to Chick-Fil-A twice today. NO WAY.

And I most certainly didn't enjoy every bite of my chicken burrito, little hash browns and waffle fries. I didn't suck down the last watery drags of my Dr. Pepper in that styrofoam cup and I certainly didn't scarf down my beloved number one sandwich even when I dropped it in ketchup (yuck).

::whispers:: I totally didn't consider a job at CFA even though it would be wearing the cow suit.

Anyone wanna go with my to my first meeting? ;)

Happy Thursday readers. 


  1. i've always wanted dress up like a chicken, go into CFA and hand the cashier a piece of paper asking for a beef-burger... :D

  2. Guess what girly! I have a chance to be Baby Cow! Haha! You should totally wear the cow suit, because then we could be even MORE twinsies ;)

    And it's OK, because my family went twice yesterday too :D I got a boatload of free Chick Fil A coupons, and we had to use them up, right??? :)


  3. Twice in one day?! Hah hah. You definitely DONT have a problem ;)

  4. HAHAHAHA! I relate to you so much! I had CFA yesterday and today...... Time for the gym.

  5. You didnt tell me you went twice on Thursday...and I took you to lunch there today!?!? Otay girlie, repeat after me..."Hi, I am Sarah-Anne and I am a Chick-Fil-Aholic"