happy march!

Happy March, readers! Tell me I'm not the only one that still can't believe February is over. Seems like yesterday I was just switching over my calendar to that love month. But hey, I still write 2011 dating my schoolwork so clearly I am not the best person to ask about the date OR ask how to spell write because I just spelled it "right." I swear I get good grades...

The blog got a little spruced up what what the green header and all, plus pictures in the about me page (say wha?!). I love it when I get to change my blog without MAJORLY changing it, ya know what I'm saying? Any blogger should.

So here's to spring and spring break and spring colors and in case you couldn't tell I am dedicating this post to SPRING.

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  1. SSA is looking good!

    March!!!!!!! Even though march is definitely not my favorite month, I love the hope it brings, spring is on the way!!!