leap day and year and all that stuffs.

Confession: I think Leap Day is the coolest holiday. I mean, the fact that there is an extra DAY in the year?! And it only happens every four years?! Mind blown. People always want more time so BOOM God gave us an extra day. That is just so cool to me...cooler than Christmas and Thanksgiving and 4th of July and all that. I happen to think it's cooler than my birthday.

Since I'm Irish and all that (truth), I celebrated by...are ya ready? Wearing a green shirt. Yep, I go all out. Excuse the greasy hair...off to wash it tonight.

If I had Leap Year, I'd totally watch it too.

Happy Wednesday, readers! I'm off to listen to the rain pitter-patter on the roof (maybe with a rumble of thunder ::squeal::) and spend time with the family talking about our Spring Break plans. Oh yeahhh.


  1. First of all it is epic that you're Irish like me :) and I don't know about it being better than Christmas, I mean that is when we celebrate Jesus' birth (and get lots of stuff ;p)

  2. you're irish? i'm scottish and english...close enough!!
    and yes, february 29th is a pretty darn awesome day!

  3. I agree, leap year is awesome! :-)

  4. I am part Eskimo! Haha! Weird, right?

    You like Leap Day better than your BIRTHDAY?!?!?!?! Unfathomable :)

  5. I love the movie leap year!!! Haha and btw thi I Erika! Lol