scenes from the weekend

Ya'll. God blessed me this weekend...tons of fun with tons of friends. I loved every minute of it. The after party weekend crash? Yeah, not so crazy about it.


Babysitting with Kaley at my old church. It was fun...tiring since we had 14 kiddos but worth the money this broke girl received. Shout out to Kaley for inviting me to help her!

After the babysitting was over, I was picked up by my new BFF Rebecca so we could lounge around on her bed and talk. And talktalktalk. And eat, but mostly talk. Seriously. A post about that is coming up later this week.

Then there was the sleepover. Memories, ya'll.


Sleeping in. Spoons. The conclusion to our sleepover which involved being dropped off at the Coffee Shack and having to drag our sleepover stuff in there. I hid mine in a corner behind my chair because no one wants to see my dirty clothes and toothbrush peeking outta the bag.

When we got home, there were chores. Lots of them. No pictures because cleaning the toilet just isn't that glamorous.


Sleeping in again made us kinda sorta late to church. No worries. We got there with a couple minutes to spare! Go us. Mama & I had nursery duty...I got to put my immune system to work when one of the two adorable baby boys sneezed ON MAH FACE. Oh well. 

Back home for a quick nap before WOL...we had ACTS that night at the Andersons, complete with chili and bonfire and singing around said bonfire. Perfect was to end the weekend. 

Miss Katie <3
HAHAHA. Macon's face was not what I was going for (look behind him at Azzie and her mom) but it is priceless.

Smothering Scott because of his choice in schools with his own sweatshirt.

Can you believe these last pictures were taken with only a flood light nearby. Amazing what images your camera will produce when you use Manual!

Erika & Bekah <3

Goofballs. Also, note that Grace didn't get the memo that it was a funny face picture. Or maybe the fact that the 3 others didn't get the serious face memo.
Bethany and Katie <3

Singing around the fire. LOVE.

SUCH goofballs.

MK was only a little cold. Like me.
HAHAHA MK. I think she's a LITTLE too mesmerized by the flames.

I hope my readers had a great weekend as well!

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