one foggy morning

Last Thursday we have quite the early morning drive. I mean, when you can't see more than 20 yards, things start to get interesting. Everyone becomes a backseat driver and you basically take a leap of faith & trust that we you're not pulling out in front of a car.

Foggy mornings are a lot like my life lately. New phenomenons, like new friends that turned out to be soulmates and some not so welcome changes in other friendships. God's got a plan, and we just have to cling to Him to be able to see through the fogginess.

Happy Thursday, friends. Rejoice! God's given you another week on this earth. Let's praise Him to together, mkay?


  1. beautiful, inspiring post, sarah-anne!
    gee, we've had some pretty foggy mornings too : )

  2. That's some fog! So true, God has a plan. Now, to remember that in the tough times... :)
    God bless,
    India Grace

  3. I'm loving the fog photos. They are so mysterious and alluring....