like vs. love

Remember Blimey Cow? If so, proceed. If not, then get thee to this post, then click through to YouTube and watch the hilariousness that it Jordan and his take on life. If you have been introduced to this something funny, sometimes rude, but always true video series, read on.

Love. It's a word that as SUCH a powerful meaning...that is overused in today's culture. Just watch this video. It rings true.

What do I like vs. love? Well, I'm glad you asked.

I like...food. Movies. Dance parties. My Bruno Mars Pandora station. Day trips up to Fuquay. Laughing so hard I snort. Yep, I snort. I'm also crazy about Instant Netflix, blankets, clean sheets, Dr. Pepper, and fires. 

I love...My family, friends, God, the Doctor and Peeta. Those things are the ONLY things that deserve such a strong word.OK, maybe not the last two. ;)

Happy Valentine's Day, readers. I hope your day was filled with the things you like & the people you love.


  1. Bahaha, I LOVE (yes, actually love :)) blimeycow! And the Doctor definitely deserves to be in the loved category ;]. Happy Valentines day!

  2. i love this guy! he's a legend : )

  3. bruno mar is totally fun for a dance party!