school + sunshine

The weather here has been AMAZING. For serious. 60's & 70's might be the norm for some, but NC is all about crazy weather so we are loving the seasonal weather we are receiving! And like the title says, school outside just seems to be a little more enjoyable than doing it at a makeshift desk with the puppy barking, dishwasher humming, and radio blaring.

Something about the sunshine glistening off the pretty notebook and blinding white notebook paper, chasing after said pieces of notebook paper when the wind lifts it from beneath your fingertips, and the warmth of the concrete seeps through the seat of your jeans. Yes, I prefer the sidewalk rather than a chair. I am a weirdo.
Yes, I am barefoot. It was that or Christmas socks today...I chose no socks thankyouverymuch.
Happy Tuesday, readers. I hope that if you had the misfortune of having Algebra 2 to accomplish, you were able to do it outside with the birds chirping and breeze gently blowing your hair back. Oh yeah, and avoid the fire ants because I was bitten by one today. Craziness.


  1. Haha, christmas sock day! I am glad that I'm not the only one that has such sock days! :-)

  2. Yay for almost-spring!!! It's been kind of rainy here the past few days, but the non-rainy days have been absolutely lovely!