i'm NOT going to be a surgeon or any kind. FYI.

Disclaimer: If you're squeamish or simply don't prefer to look at things that have come out of an animal, skip this post. There isn't any blood, but there are juices. Funny smelling juices, in fact. There is one other smell like formaldehyde but at least you can't smell through the computer. Be thankful...the second dissection aroma stayed with me for w

Dissections are a BIG HUGE part of Anatomy. I mean, it's understandable but definitely not my favorite thing to do. I would much rather watch Grey's Anatomy or House to get up close and personal with the insides of someone. But alas, I can't do that so I have to cut animal substitutes. And, naturally, I take pictures.

So far we've done a cow eye. That was better than the cow heart, but not by much. At least we had a video with the eye.

A cow eyeball is HUGE. It kinda freaked me out because it was looking at me. Not really, but still. How could it NOT see me with that big cornea. 

The eyeball with everything taken out of it. Don't ask me to name them because I can't anymore.

The retina. That was a little gross, to be honest.

The lens...looks squishy but isn't. It's flippin' HARD.

As you can tell, we were thrilled to pose with the cow eye parts. SARCASM.

Today we had the cow heart dissection. JOY. But first, we looked at a blood smear and tried (and failed. it was an epic fail) to identify the types of white blood cells.

After a quick review of the heart and where everything is roughly located, the real fun got started...on to stuffing our fingers in the veins of the cow hearts because that's how we roll.

Seriously, I messed with this thing forever and it helped SO much.
After we basically molested the heart, we cut into it. Kaley got the honor of cutting half of it.

Then, much to my dismay, I had to cut the rest so we could peek inside. In addition to being tough to saw through, we cut it at the wrong angle. Therefore, we spent an insane amount of time wondering if our cow was deformed because we couldn't find

Stopping for a picture by Mama!
Again, we are thrilled. NOT, hahaha. Kaley looks like she's about to barf. I don't blame her.
She's alive open!

So muscular! I mean, I knew the heart was powerful but no idea how small a space the blood had compared to all the muscle inside the heart.

Discussing. The heart right side is our left, so no wonder it takes a heart surgeon SEVEN extra years to become certified.
Now you know what I do at anatomy...use a scalpel. Fear me.


  1. Ew grossgrossgrossgross!!!!!!! In 8th grade I dissected a baby pig {um, piglet? haha!}, and that was DISGUSTING!!! I can't even describe the smell {although I'm pretty sure you know about that :)}!


  2. We dissected a sheep's eyeball in grade 8.. I poked a hole in it then started to cry! ;) and PLEASE tell me that you weren't dissecting that cow heart on your kitchen counter! *Shudder*




  4. I had to watch disections on a dvd for biology.. the heart looks really .... amazing!

  5. Oh dear! Looks extremely appetizing...especially being vegetarian!! ;( (that poor cow :( :)