it's the little things {link up #6}

One of the most gorgeous and talented blogging women you'll ever met, Lindsay, started hosting a link up called "It's the Little Things" to remind us that God blesses in a not-so big ways. A whole day can turn around when I get a special little something in the mail or my favorite show is on TV that night, and it's great to document the little things God puts in our day to show us he loves us!

Aisle to Aloha

...phone calls from Rebecca that last 72 minutes. That's over an HOUR, people. We had such a great time talking, and neither of us ever talk on the phone. She gets me. I can ramble on and on about something and she looks past my not-so-great way with words and knows exactly what I'm saying. We're gonna make it a weekly thing.
...baby-sitting with a friend. I love kiddos, but I love watching them with others. And I especially love watching them with friends. Kaley was sweet enough to keep me & my jobless self in mind for a baby-sitting gig at my old church, so I was totally psyched when she asked me to help her today!
...chicken pot pie, made with love by me. Nothing like a hot meal waiting for you Recipe coming tomorrow.
...epic sleepover plans with aforementioned RDAWG & Emily. Pictures coming from that as well!
...scheduled posts that take a load off so I can catch up on my Google Reader.
...a new blog design. I still can't get over that my blog looks exactly what it looked like in my head.


  1. I loooveeeee the new design!!! <3

  2. love the blog design and remembering to be thankful :)