sleepover with Emily + Rebecca

Yesterday, Becca and I met up with Emily at the new CFA (we meet there after the boys co-op) to begin our amazing sleepover. Lots of laughter, food, and name calling was about to ensue. Don't worry, it's a thing between us...nicknames are a big part of whatever get together all three of us have. But first, get in mah belleh waffle fries!

The rainy weather slowed us down considerably, so we didn't get there on time. Plus? Hot CFA already waiting for me.

With CFA happily in our tummies, we made a mad dash to the car and piled in...7 people in a minivan can get kinda crazy. Thankfully, the ride was short and we arrived at the Nichols, unloaded the van with the sleepover gear, and chilled. Lots of Instagram pictures taken on Emily's iPod touch, words played on Words with Friends, and tweets sent from Rebecca's Twitter. We are such nerds, bonding over our electronics.

At some point, I went to take a shower and Emily & Rebecca watched old home videos. I was sad I missed it even though I had seen Emily sing her heart out when she was just a little things.

Popcorn was also thrown into the mix. Now it REALLY felt like a partay.

It was late when we finally settled down to watch the first movie (27 Dresses...one of my favorites)...then, after everyone else was in bed us girls got the crazy idea to watch another movie which meant we were up until 3 swooning over the manly man in Leap Year. Pretty sure we fell asleep wishing whatever-his-name-is was keeping us warm rather than Pooh (Becca), Dale Jr. (Emily), and Petey the Pirate (moi)...
Up & at 'em! At ten, the boys couldn't stand the fact we were still sleeping so they came in and woke us up...I was a total bear. Homegirl loves to sleep in on a Saturday. Thankfully, Mr. Eddie knows me and had a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit waiting for me. Tradition for us to have biscuits, so Rebecca got to join in on the artery clogging fun!

After the biscuits, we played spoons. Fun times.

Clark brought a weapon to the table. No worries, it wasn't loaded. The clip wasn't even in...he just likes the dramatic effect.

This picture sums up what we did all weekend: chill...

It was definitely a FUN sleepover...thanks for the memories, guys!


  1. Aw, fun! I wanna come to your next sleepover!! :)

  2. Ahhh! So.much.fun!! I am so glad you both came over! Awesome memories were made that night/Saturday. :)

  3. Looks like fun! I LOVE CHICK-FIL-A. It's bascailly the best ever.

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