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So there's this girl. In case you couldn't tell by the title, her name is Rebecca Elise...she is known as Becca the majority of the time because we are tight like that. SHE calls ME wifey, and I call HER husband because we're basically soulmates. Hold up, SA. Soulmates is an intense word. Yes, I know. Rebecca is totally worthy of the word soulmate because SHE GETS ME. Plus, we've had the soulmates conversation over our graphic novel length emails that we send daily.

Last Friday (before the sleepover with her + Emily), I got to hang with my soulmates for SEVEN HOURS. It was totally amazing because we laid around on her bed and talkedtalkedtalked. Seriously, we didn't shut up until both our stomachs were growling. We satisfied them with cupcakes made by her older bro's girlfriend.

This is basically what we did all afternoon long. It was glorious.
 Whilst lounging on her (very comfy, actually) bed I took pictures of her art wall. Yes, she has an art wall. A WHOLE wall. Her parents are the best.

photo by Rebecca
Then I decided to take pictures from around her room because her room is JUST that cool.

Did I mention she can sing (BEAUTIFULLY) AND play instruments.

The best part of her room? A Doctor Who birthday card from her brother Luke (who happens to be way talented as well...he leads our WOL praise band). I died...but not before I took a picture of it.

If someone makes me a DW bday card, I will love them forever.

We ended the afternoon with more talking while Becca straightened her hair (an hour process which is probably why she doesn't do it ever), I went through her music library, we played Solitare on my Kindle, and she took pictures of me. Not many people do that.

Yeahhh, she's just a LITTLE gorgeous, dontcha think?

The rest of the pictures were taken by Rebecca...she's a natural!

I happen to love Rebecca a lot...thank you God for putting this amazing young woman who loves you with all her heart in my life!

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  1. I wrote you a huge-long message, but my dumb iTouch deleted it. I'll try to write it again :)

    Girl! We are twinsies!!! I have the same scarf (and gloves that match :))!

    I would love to send you a Doctor Who birthday card, but alas, I've never seen it!!! I know, I know... I'm basically a social outcast! Haha! I've never read the Hunger Games either, so I guess that makes me even more strange, right? :)

    You are both SO beautiful!!! It's so nice to see more of your gorgeous face on The Blog ;)