my day in less than amazing cell phone pictures

I don't claim to have an amazing cell phone at all. In fact, mine are always the ones you get for the least amount of money when your contract is up for renewal because a new version of it came out. I am happy with it because it has amazing texting capabilities (yes, I am a teen and love texting) but hate it because the camera could be wayyy better. Yep, that's me and my phone: love/hate relationship.

However much I hate my phone/camera, sometimes is is way easier to whip the phone out and snap a quick picture. That is exactly what I did today, so enjoy just what the title says: my day in less than amazing cell phone pictures.

I woke up at 10. And had to leave the house to get to Landmark at 10:30. Made it in one piece to help raise money for camp this summer by passing out drinks.

They were just too colorful to resist.
 After we were done, I got to hang with these two birthday girls, Erika & MK.

Cuties <3
 Dad and Clark picked me up after lunch and I drove around town, running errands with the windows down. A quick stop for fro-yo and we were off again. Also, this needs to be noted: I didn't have breakfast today. I honestly wasn't hungry, so I skipped. Bad, I know. Then I was extremely hungry at the concession stand and got a hot dog with chips and cookies. AND THEN ADDED FROZAN YOGURT TO THE MIX LATER. Ah, confession of my sometimes horrible eating habits is good for the soul.

Cake batter with sprinkles and choco covered raisins. I so want more.

Brrrberry is in the same parking lot as Target in our town, so we ran in the store for Dad to get a hat and naturally, we had to try on all the goofy looking ones...and take pictures.

Hahaha. Makes me laugh everytime.
Excuse the face but this hat was weird in real life...HUGE and a weird texture. No thanks.

So that's the gist of my day: eating bad and taking even worse cell phone pictures.

Happy Saturday readers.  May your weekend be filled with fro-yo, cell phone pictures, and funny hats because let's face it...they make everything better.


  1. Those cups look so cool, that was a good shot! As for less than stellar cell phone pics.. What you can do, is once you get your photos onto your computer, you can edit them in a program, to fix the color a bit. I haven't bought a digital camera in 5+ years - I have an iPhone, so I just use that. I don't want to carry around extra stuff if I don't have to. Plus, I'm not a professional, so it works for me.

    Its so funny you posted fro-yo, I was talking about this earlier today, and I actually just finished researching a place that I have yet to visit (I usually go to Red Mango + TCBY). Going in a bit, though. I'll probably post my own little review on my blog later.


  2. haha the last picture is so cute! :)
    & i feel ya, my phone is the same. what i wouldn't do for an i-phone...
    ah well.
    & i still haven't gone to Brrrberry! we just have too many frozen yogurt places for me to catch up with haha.

  3. hehe - you are too cute! and girl, i'm with you. don't have the fanciest phone in the world but it works for me - until i get that iphone, one day. ;)

  4. Oh! I also tagged you in "eleven things" on my blog. Its a great way to get to know your readers and to engage your followers. I hope you do it, it was fun! Here is the link:


  5. I just had frozen yogurt for the first time not too long ago! its sooo good and i dont know how i lived without it! haha :D

    and I like your phone pictures..Mine suck :P :D Awesome post! :)