like what you see? i do.

Like what you see? I do. Oh, man...I do. For the first time I think I can ever remember, my blog looks semi-profesh and I did ALL the work myself. ::gives self a pat on the back::

This tutorial from Clover Lane (found it blog hopping...don't ask me to retrace my steps) helped me create the awesome header you see up there. Free & oh so simple with Picasa (which is probably what most will start using now that Picnik is going away...R.I.P), I whipped it up over my lunch break. LUNCH BREAK, ya'll. That's 30 minutes or so. 30 minutes of time well spent, my friends.

Updated sidebar greeting, about me (pictures coming) & blog roll page (work in progress), and uncluttering the sidebar give the blog a new look. The best part? Since my headers are so easy to do now, I can change them up monthly. Can't wait to start my monthly makeovers again!

Happy Wednesday, readers.

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