the wedding feast.

Marriage has been on my brain lately. And no, it's not because I've been browsing Pinterest...OK, maybe a little. But the main reason is because every Bible study (CBS and WOL) I am involved in has been teaching me about the wedding feast in heaven. I firmly believe that my wedding is going to be a PARTAY (capital everything, obvi)...no monkey suits for my hubby. There will be dancing, good food, the guests will not be forgotten, and just a general sense of celebration that we're married. That's cause enough to have a good time.

At CBS, all the classes had a wedding celebration (they were learning about Jesus' first miracle at the wedding where he turned water into wine) and the little 1 year olds even had cupcakes. I died from the cuteness. I saw the wedding pictures that one of the teachers and immediately went over what I was thinking about for my wedding colors.

Baby hands covered in frosting...you should've seen their precious faces.
Then, at WOL on Sunday, we talked about the wedding feast we'll have when we we get to heaven. I paid attention and even took notes, but my mind wandered again to my wedding. It didn't help we watch the infamous wedding dance YouTube video and there where plenty of bride/groom pictures in the hand book.

If I think MY wedding is gonna be fun, I can't WAIT to get up to heaven and have a celebration with Jesus that will blow my mind.

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