nichols afternoon

Last Thursday, we trekked over to Emily & Andrew's house for an afternoon of much-needed, quality, friend-bonding time. Check and respect my awesome adjective usage. 

Lots of chocolate animal crackers were consumed...

Seriously, SO good. Buy some and eat half a bag like we did. 
...pictures were taken...

So proud of this girl...she is learning SO much about her camera and it's settings.
...and the longest Life for Wii game ever. Seriously, it was wayyy too long. This picture of Andrew (below) accurately describes just HOW long this game lasted.
Clark's words as we took this photo? "Don't censor me!" In regards to SOPA, of course. He's so funny! 

Of course the highly anticipated revealing of our spouses were photograhed. Because DUDE, the Wii picks cray-cray looking hubbies/wifies for us. Take a look!

Clark & his wife. The glasses kill me.

Andrew and his manly, pigailed wife.

Excuse the blown out picture...was trying to take a picture of my ::ahem:: husband that had DREADLOCKS.

Funny story: when Emily was the last one to get married, we all crossed our fingers that she wouldn't get an Asian husband because poor girl ALWAYS ends up with that guy. As soon as the words were outta her mouth, there he was, almond eyes and all! We howled with laughter. (nothing against Asians...we just revel in the fact that she & an Asian seem to be meant for each other in Wii land)
 We are huge techies! It was so hilarious because when it wasn't our turn playing Wii, we were playing Words with Friends, checking emails/FB, or even sending the occasional text.

About halfway through the endless Life game, we got hungry (AGAIN) and then Emily and I decided to

Are you ready for the awesomeness?! I don't think you are. But, watch at your own risk...there is serious hip action (me, much to my dismay) and head bobbing (Clark). Just watch.

Cupid Shuffle! from Emily N. on Vimeo.

HAHAHA. Ya'll. I can't watch that video without laughing my head off. Are we rockin' or are we rockin'?! Also, you're welcome for me getting that song stuck in your head.

After the Life game ended, I had a couple "little" projects that I was expecting to take an hour tops...ended up taking ALL the rest of the time, besides an hour out of the time for dinner and a CHUCK episode. Pictures to come!

Turning 70's bell bottom jeans into skinny jeans. Just as easy as pin, sew, cut, admire!
Many hours & fits of laughter later, we went home with sweet memories. Thanks for having us guys!


  1. Looks like a wonderful afternoon! And all of your dance moves are pretty sweet ;-)

    xoxo Miss ALK

  2. Oh, so fun! Thanks for coming over and making more memories with us! Love you guys. :)