it's the little things {link up #8}

One of the most gorgeous and talented blogging women you'll ever met, Lindsay, started hosting a link up called "It's the Little Things" to remind us that God blesses in a not-so big ways. A whole day can turn around when I get a special little something in the mail or my favorite show is on TV that night, and it's great to document the little things God puts in our day to show us he loves us!

Aisle to Aloha

...the weather. Ya'll. It has be downright GORGEOUS here in NC. Upper 70's with lots of sunshine during the day and the ceiling fan running at night. I am in love with something that's not alive. 
...having the family take care of me. Being sick is NOT a blessing for me, but the ones that supply me with Dr. Pepper, meds, and tissues I love.
...lunch with friends. We sat at Chick-Fil-A and talked with Kaley and her mom for a good solid hour today, just catching up.
...shopping trips by myself. Today I wandered around Target with my little basket. By myself. I wasn't kidnapped (success) and felt like a big girl buying things for myself.
...movies with my boys. Tonight we watched Meet the Robinsons while indulging in McD's hot fudge sundaes. Perfect Friday night.


  1. ahahahaha that target one..<3 me 1000%!!

  2. this weather is just soo amazing and surreal!!

  3. Mmm, a Mcdonalds sundae sounds about perfect to me this morning! Hehe.