scenes from the weekend

Readers. I had an awesome weekend that just kept going. I was tired at the end, but it was a happy tired. Here's a little glimspe...each event will have a bigger post on it later this week because I am wordy (but you already knew that one, didn't ya?).


I watched insane amounts of Doctor Who, received MY PURITY RING (!!!) then partied all night long in honor of the birthday boy.



We slept late (remember? partied well into the night. cornhole can tire ya out) so we stayed home from church and had our own Jesus time. Perfect. I stayed inside and made sure the family had food and clean clothes for when they came inside from working outside in the beautiful weather.

And then there was WOL...an hour away. It was amazing. I love my youth group SO MUCH.

I had a view of RDAWG's beautiful hair in the sun the whole ride there and back.

So that was my weekend...abridged. How was yours, readers?