Teens Involved 3.24

Saturday morning I woke up bright & early to support my friends have a trial run of their TI (Teens Involved) events. Basically, TI is a talent show, but the focus is on what talent GOD has given you. Singing, Preaching, Teaching Children, and Dramas are only some of the events you can enter in. I stayed in the sanctuary for all the music events.  

Bekah <3 This girl can SING.

Meg & Bekah sang a beautiful duet!

Proud parents looking on.

Jonathan about to play his piano solo.
Conner did amazing with his vocal solo!
The Cedar Branch group dicussing after they sang.

 Other random shots from the morning...
Kelly reading the Hunger Games. Love her.

Sam & Rebecca

MK looking pretty.

And her heels thrown off after her events.
This would be me and Jack one minute...

...and then the next...

We make each other laugh and apparently make very attractive (sarcasm. Jack's face is fine. Mine? Ugh.) faces whilst doing so.

Oh Conner...

Gorgeous Hannah who refused to let me take her picture.

Youngest Boland...Grace. Love her.

With Chick-Fil-A in our stomachs and plenty of Hunger Games things discussed, we moved into the gym to watch the dramas for the rest of the afternoon.

Sam thinking...something. Wanna guess? Because I have NO idea.

Rachel looking sad because she had to look pretty. Hahaha.

Dylan and Bethany

Most of these pictures weren't taken by me...I love having friends that pick up my camera. I get some priceless ones, like David playing with Abbey's props for Teaching Children or Jack's noot.

Gosh I love my talented friends.


  1. wow, that looks like so much fun, sarah-anne! gee, you have some really valuable friends!
    god bless,
    holly <3

  2. Ok so how did I miss this post????? I just found it today

    1. i got NO idea dude. but i'm glad you found it!