first world problems

My cell phone screen broke.

Honestly, I laughed about it because it was a freak accident. I had something blunt but hard (the buckle to my coat) in my pocket and it pressed up against my phone for an extended period of time so it shorted out the screen. Like I said, probably the most random accident. I showed Dad and he was confused, as was I.

Then I remember that my contract isn't up for renewal therefore if they can't replace it there in the store, I had to go back to my old phone, which I replaced because, by another freak accident involving perfume (it spilled all over my phone), the lighting is wonky. The keys are tiny and my camera is really bad and none of my pictures were transfered over.

Oh and our laptop is freaking out and will only connect to Internet Explorer. We already had to give up our beloved Google Chrome because it quit working one day and then Mozilla stopped. I am about to punch something. That's how bad IE is.

First world problems, ya'll.

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