happy birthday JB

Ice skating...the most current photo I have of him.

You readers remember Jack, right? I met his family at camp this summer, and man I feel like I've been friends with them for way longer than that. Jack's the middle kid..he handles it well. 

This dude is pretty cool. I mean, for reals...he makes me laugh so hard I don't make a sound which basically means I think whatever was said was the funniest thing ever. We share a love for the Hunger Games, Doctor Who (I KNOW), and our favorite books. He's an amazing artist...I found that out at camp when he picked up a rocked and started sketching on the sidewalk.
We have plenty of inside jokes, and email on the daily...mostly about his days helping with his stepdad's tree business or our separate but the same youth groups. He loves the Lord so much. I make one of my signature faces, he laughs and tries to imitate it, and I end up laughing along with him. It's quite entertaining. He's quiet, I'm loud (sometimes) but when he feels strongly about something, he tells you about it.

So happy birthday JB. I'm so glad we're friends :)

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