first day of spring

Spring already?! I"m not complaining or anything, but it seems like just yesterday I was curled up in a corner mourning the fact that the groundhog said 8 more weeks of winter and went back into hiding. Go showed him, huh?

We celebrated the beginning of spring by staying indoors and being couch potatos whilst doing schoolwork. Because we are homeschoolers (unite!) and the pollen is terrible out there. The only time I ventured outside was to snap these pictures for my mood (picking up a camera and taking pictures of whatever strikes my fancy is a great pick-me-up) and for you readers viewing pleasure...

Lavender blooms <3

OH HAI KITTY CAT. he was creeping in the window so I had to snap a picture of his "serious face".

Dandelions. Bringing back memories, ya'll. 

The unmowed field full of weeds because let's face it: weeds can look semi-pretty. 

Goodbye firewood...I hope we don't need you anymore this season!

So what's the weather like in you neck of the woods (channeling my inner Al Roker there)? Are we the only ones that had spring weather on the actual first day of spring? Do you think I could fit ANYMORE parenthesis in this post?! (Answer: YES) Do tell!


  1. YAY FOR SPRING!!! Beautiful pictures :)

  2. Love the pics Sarah-Anne, especially the lavender blooms...dont recall that plant being that full of blooms before.
    We should name the axe something after Thor, because I dont think anyone is ever going to get that thing out of that log! Nice pics, now on to the pool and getting it ready so you have another canvas to work your magic!