and you thought my heart surgeon days were over

Well think again!

Last Friday I helped with the boys co-op...I hadn't been in a while (I used the time they were gone to blog at the Coffee Shack) and since they were going to dissect a cow's heart as well, Mama asked me to come. I officially never want to see a cow heart again.

Before all the juicy, meaty stuff took place, we played Jeparody with all heart-related questions.  I'm currently begging Mama to do it for Kaley and I at our next co-op ;)

These questions are hard, yo. Seriously, even I had to think hard about what the answer was.
The machinery that made it all possible...

I can't decide if they are concentrating or just confused.

At the last question they all used their heads to buzz in.

Mama is a natural.

Keeping score.

Hahaha, the Furloughs LOVE it when we let them take pictures. Nate's camera strap was so fitting, don't ya think? ;)

After the Jeparody game, we had snack. Yes, snack and a Jeparody game. I'm pretty sure the boys co-op is better than mine.

Brownies and cupcakes in a heart shaped pan. We is so smart.

Don't worry  Josh, it's confusing to me too.

Onto my crown and glory: the heart dissection. The boys faces and reactions were priceless.

Trey read the instructions when Miss Danielle couldn't take it anymore.

Surprisingly Elizabeth wanted in on the action.

Josh hoping to let the heart knowledge seep through his ears ??? Too funny.

Nate was into it. Seriously, he had the best time.

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