the little mermaid {3.21. & 3.22.13}

After Conner's birthday dinner, we all trekked over to the next town over to see Rachel's dress rehersal of the Little Mermaid. OHMYWORD READERS I'M GONNA BE AN ACTRESS NOW. The only thing stopping me? My huge fear of people looking at me. Yeah, might wanna work on that one. For now I'll leave the acting to my insanely talented soulmate. I felt so honored to take pictures of her doing her thing cause she's such a star. I didn't take many though, cause I was so starstruck, but I did get a few, both for IG and with my DSLR.

Dedication to Rachel means considering going to ALL THE SHOWINGS.
Which I did consider, but didn't follow though.

Almost showtime!

Sound booth guys are my heros.
The dress rehersal was the only time attendees were allowed to take photos, so
everyone used whatever camera they had on them.

Good grief this girl <3 Such an amazing actress/singer.

See what I mean? Her expressions were spot on.

Clem-Clam comforting like only Clem-Clam could.



Everything worked out in the end...TRUE LOVE PREVAILS!

"I don't wanna, I'm not gonna, you can't make me maaarryyy youuu!" Basically my response to anything I haven't wanted to do this past week. Pretty sure it's going to be a while before the gang & I get these showtunes outta our heads.

Happy Friday, readers.

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