conner's birthday {3.21.13}

Stolen from the (friends) Valentine's date...probably my favorite picture of this redhead to date.

 It was this dude's birthday Thursday, and since he's awesome and stuff he gets a birthday post on SSA. He and Tanner are our only friends who lives in our town (country living probs), and our town is just that much cooler cause we live there. He is so musically gifted and always uses it for God's glory. He's such a leader both at WOL and just when we're hanging around, and the guy is probably the most goofy and loud guy you'll ever be around, but that's what makes him so fun to get together with. He knows how to have a serious God conversation and is so spiritually mature. His joy is contagious and he's always excited to see his friends and gives you a great big hug when you leave. He's just awesome to be around and I'm so glad to be part of his little gang.

Happy birthday, bro...love ya!


Speaking of our gang, we all went to the Mellow Mushroom cause that's how we celebrate...with good food & great friends.

This kid <3 He's the best brother I could ever have.

Kaley brought Conner a cupcake and I'm pretty sure we all did a jealous drool kind of thing.


Pretty sure we sang happy birthday so loud that our waiter heard and brought Conner free bday ice cream.

How our gang entertained ourselves.
An IG capture of the best friends. Photo cred to our awesome waiter.
 The second half of Conner's birthday night consisted of walking around the mall to kill time until we went to Rachel's dress rehersal, which gets it's own post cause guys. I have one talented soulmate.
Happy Thursday, readers...I hope you've got a group of friends as awesome as mine.

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