great wolf lodge {IG edition}

going clockwise...
{1} Kaley was just as excited as I was to be there. So we took tons of pictures, naturally.
{2} There's that hall again. Walking this thing...phew.
{3} Ready to swim in March!
{4} Besties hangin' by the bathroom cause that's were all the plugs were.
{5} Kaley got in on the hacking action.
{6} My roomies! <3
{7} Story time at the GWL isn't just for little kids. Also...THAT CHANDELIER.
{8} Chattin' with Erika & Kaley, sippin' on Starbucks. Sugar rush anyone.
{9} We took a picture cause we wanted to act like dumb tourists.
{10} backseat buddy for both car rides. love my Erika Brooke <3

Like I mentioned numerous times, my roomies & I were probably on IG more often than we weren't. We hacked each others accounts (does it count as hacking if the person is right beside ya laughing?), showed each other all our favorite people to follow, and said "Oh this is going on Instagram!" numerous times. I love my IG addicted friends. The trip wouldn't have been the same without this app.

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