hannah's 13th {3.1.13}

Rachel's little sis, Hannah, is basically like MY little sis. I tease her and she's got her own nickname  for me. She asked me to take the pictures for the photobooth they were planning on having at her party, and of course I said yes! I took pictures of the whole thing and probably had more fun than Hannah did. Those girls were having so much fun I had fun just watching them, although it didn't hurt that the soulmate and Erika-girl my faithful sidekicks the whole night.

So here's a few shots of the fun from last Friday night. There are plenty more, but these are my favorites and sum up the party the best.

Smiles all around.
Photobooth fun! These girls cracked me up.

Miss Leigh got in on the photobooth action.


Superhero fairies.

This girl is a princess (HAHAHA).

Crazies. Gotta love 'em.

I love that birthday on the bottom of the staircase full of beautiful girls.

Typical Hannah face.


This picture describes these two so perfectly.
Upstairs we found the floor covered in glowsticks. Awesomeness. My love for glowsticks at a party knows no bounds. We ate some more food, laughed until we cried, opened presents, ate some more food, laughed some more, and oh wait...I already said that.

More food to fuel the glowstick madness.

Probably the coolest card ever.

After a looong game of Sardines, we watched Julian Smith videos and crashed somewhere around two AM. Totally worth the sleep deprivation to be a part of Hannah's special day!

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