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As many of you know, the epic Blogger crash of 2011 took away all posts & comments off the ol' blog early Thursday morning, so I'm reposting this post along with a few others. Don't worry; all comments are still in my email so we can still chat about our Idol crushes! ;)

Yes, that's right; I've been sucked into the American Idol craze. For years I've refused to watch the show or even follow the articles on TvGuide.com {my entertainment/Hollywood vice}, but this season I gave up digging my heels in and ::deep breath:: became a AI convert.

Even though I came in more than halfway into the season, I still have my favorites/loyalties, and believe me, they are still going strong!! It's down to my three favorite singers and while that's a good thing, it means one of my favorites isn't going to win. :(

First up is my favorite male singer, Scotty Mcreery. OMG, ya'll! This guy has renewed my love for country music. Not only is his voice unreal {even to my untrained ear} since it's deeper than any man I know, but his hair, clothes and just about everything else is ::swoon:: worthy. The best part? He's a strong Christian and never shys away from the chance to say he loves Jesus & that's why he's there today. Again, ::swoon::!

And if that's not enough for you, here's some of my favorite songs. Acutally, more than a few... ;)

Next up is my second favorite girl, Haley Reinhart. Her voice is unlike anything I've heard in a long time, and I LOVE it. She is so talented!!

Last but not least is my favorite female singer, Lauren Alaina. She is so down to earth and seems to love being there, and it's hard NOT to love her and her voice! Seriously, it's amazing; like a cross between Miley Cyrus and Carrie Underwood. Ah-mazing, I tell you.

Even though I wanted to do my little fan girl post about AI {kudos to Emily for coining that term}, I also wanted to let you know that you are reading the words of a girl who is officially going to the American Idol Summer Tour in Raleigh NC this July!! To say I'm excited is an understandment because that's all I can think about!! What a summer it's going to be!

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