happy birthday to emmylou!

{pic stolen from her about me page HERE because when i take a picture of emily, i share it. therefore, no new pics of her. :)}

Emily. Em. Emmylou. Bestie. And, if we're feeling sassy, the ever popular "woman!". For as many nicknames we have for each other {if you're wondering, the Nichols started the whole SA thing}, I have the same number of great things to say about you, friend...and more.

You are the model young woman, the homemaker in training. I love watching {and helping!} you fix meals for your family and light up when they compliment you & your cooking because OMG you cook the best meals!! I mean, French toast on a weekday?! Yes, please.

You work so hard at your schoolwork, you are an amazing blogger and even have sponsors for Practically Pink, and you are developing into a great photog. Seriously, I look at pictures on the ol' blog and say to myself "SA, you totally missed that photo. Why?!" But that's not the point. It is YOUR birthday post, after all. ;)

You've been my bestie forEVAH, and I'm so glad to have such an inspiring friend that's a year older than me to help me through that year. Remember that time I made a card & I asked for advice on being 15? And you laughed? Good times.

Love you, bestie, and I hope 17 treats you well...

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