Easter 2011 {with pictures}

The morning started with awesome play put on by Liberty University at Landmark Church, it was off to an even more awesome service at our home church.
After lunch at Zaxby's, we loaded up and arrived at Aunt Karen's house to eat cake, take walks in the neighborhood, and generally laugh at anything and everything Clark said/did. What can we say? He's got a great haircut and is pretty handsome. ;)

Apple pie & ice cream = happy SA. It's a known fact, ppl.

Plenty of photo opportunities are seized by the resident photog {that'd be me}. I love capturing my beautiful family through the lens of my beloved camera.


{Dad and his best bud, Clark}

{Mama and Aunt Karen aka where all the curly hair went}

{The 3 cousins: Clark, Moi, and Sam}

{Little ol' me}

Outside in the sunshine made for even prettier pictures...


Samantha's awesome barrette from the same beach shop that I got my dress from. Also? The hair. ::dead::

{Dad and his awesome clip-on sunglasses}

{The parents}

Dad: Look here, guys.
Clark: Dad, quit with the pictures already!
Me: Oh, an photo with my little bro? Yes please! 

See what I mean? Handsome.

We ended the day with a round or two of Nijnia otherwise known as the most awesome game evah. For reals.

Easter was filled with food, family, and sunshine. My kind of holiday, thank you very much.

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