favorite things friday + saturday shopping

Today I'm linking up with Kim's  Favorite Things Friday and Gussy's  Saturday Shopping blogging meme's. I absolutely love finding new Etsy pretties and sharing them with you, so here we go!
Warning: Lots of cuteness coming your way. Just sayin'.}

After a 3 week hiatus, FTF + SS is back, ya'll. I've missed searching Etsy & finding all sorts of eye candy to share with you readers, and since it's Memorial Day weekend, this week's theme is red, white & blue!! 


{1. Red Flower Twisted Ribbon Necklace}
{2. Howlite Ring with Silver Balls}
{3. Pearl Cotton Gauze Scarf}
{4. Red & White Striped Handbag}
{5. Vintage Chain Statement Necklace}
{6. White Pearl Bird's Nest Necklace}
{7. Swirly Glass Necklace}
{8. Red & Blue Button Necklace}
{9. Wedding Necklace}
{10. Red Leather Flower Handbag}
{11. Teal Flower Headband}
{12. White Feather Statement Necklace}
{13.  Red Flared Dress}
{14. Blue Jane Messenger Bag}
{15. Red, White & Blue Circle Garland}
{16. Red Poppy Pins}

Happy start to you 3 day weekend, readers!!

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