happy birthday eden!

{picture stolen from Eden's Blogger profile}

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you dear Eden...happy birthday to you!! 

Did you know that you were my first blogging friend? Because you are, and I am so grateful that I discovered you & your blog!! You are so inspiring {she's already a HS grad & is going to college full time at only 17}. You love your family & serve them without complaining, always willing to do your chores or help out with the family meals. Most of all you are so solid in your faith & I will always treasured our chats that we discussed our beliefs {remember?}.

Some awesome {but random} things that I love about you? You are GORGEOUS, you have such a unique accent, you are such a talented writer & photographer, you & your family are vegan, and you're always willing to chat with me when I'm feeling down! 

I love you, friend! Keep shining for God & striving to serve Him in everything. 

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