birthday wish list

It's month until my 16th birthday, ya'll. A month. While I'm not asking for anything expensive or anything, my wishlist from online is being added to daily. What better way to show you guys what to get me than do a post about it? ;)

{image courtesy of google images}
1} iPod touch. I've drooled over Andrew's iPod for a year now, and even though I'm a proud PC, Apple is growing on me ever since I've touched an iPad. For now, I'll stick with the pipe dream of getting and iPod touch.

{image courtesy of google images}
2} iTunes gift card. Because what good is an iTouch without the money to get apps & music?:

{image courtesy of sseko designs.com}
3} Sseko sandals. Thanks to Kim to getting me hooked on Ssekos. For only $50, these shoes are looking like they actually might make it into my hands sooner than later. Also? You can change out the straps from any one their site, or you might could even switch them out with a lightweight fabric of your own!! Win-win!

4} Epiphanie Camera Bag {Lola}. I think I can officially thank Maddie for introducing my to  camera bags. At over $100, this one is staying on my wishlist indefinitely. BUT. It's pretty to look at, no?
And...what's a wish list without a little handmade love? Not a every good one, I'll tell you that.

{image courtesy of Gussy}
5} Gussy Sews & Eclectic Whatnot combo set. Ya'll, I just died and went to ruffly heaven...and curly hair heaven because these girls are gorgeous as well as talented. Anyways, about the set. I'll take it! 

See what I meant about expensive? Ah well, there's always next year. :)

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