Strawberry picking; it's an annual thing around here. The kickoff towards the end of school, the pool actually being warm enough to stick your toes in and not freeze them off your little feet, and all the things that come with warmer weather. If you don't go strawberry picking, well...you're not from Eastern NC.

Lucky for us, we have a strawberry field relatively close to us, so a quick trip to the fields was on the agenda for a Saturday afternoon. We never pick a lot of strawberries, but for the records, here's the before:

And the after...

Oh, hello ParaCord!

Filling her up...

There are never a shortage of odd-shaped strawberries...

The best part?! Eating them straight off the vine...

All done!

The neat thing about 903 is that they have an opition where you just go pick up the strawberries by the carton. Yum!

Another great thing about 903 is along with strawberry fields, they have a farm with goats & chickens & a peacock.

Hello, goat. Thanks for being so photogenic.

The peacock!

There were also bunnies. Because what farm is complete without bunnies?!

We gave the cutest one a strawberry. Probably a no-no, but Clark's a sucker for hungry bunnies. ;)

I almost asked to take these horses picture...then I remembered something: my fear of horses. Something about the big hooves & long legs & weighing more than Clark and me combined freaks me out. So a picture from the distance will have to do...

We ended the trip with strawberry stained faces {Clark} and sunburned cheeks {Me}. Good times!

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