1st swim of 2011

A couple Wednesday ago, Clark & Dad braved the cold waters and jumped in the pool for the 1st time this summer. Of course I had to document it, silly... ;)


 Limbering up for the only way to get in: jumping.





And the after. It was so cold they basically stayed in to snap a couple pictures then got out.

Me? I didn't get in until this past weekend, and even then I only got in enough to wet my legs. So totally not warm enough. BUT! Yesterday I dunked my head under after Clark dumped a noodle full of water on my head after I asked him not to. ::shakes head:: The boy just doesn't understand the word "no"... ;)

Again with the jumping, but this time with a ball! Wow!

This would be Dad's "Clark, what in the world was that throw?!" face. Priceless.

And this would be Clark lining up a off throw. Stick to football, buddy...

Clark: Oh look! Water!

Oh look, a farmer's tan!

What's a post without a couple random shots around the pool, huh?

Pool bokeh!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to bask in the sun with a good book and my Calcutta's... :)

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